Who We Are

SoCo is a full service Southern Fusion restaurant concept in Brooklyn, NY. SoCo is equal parts restaurant and cocktail bar. Upon entering you are met with a 20 foot bar anchored by structural beams used to support the 6 story building, casual dining spaces and an elevated DJ booth. Toward the rear is a more formal dining environment with an elevated banquet that doubles as a performance space for bands. The designer Andres Aladin, describes the restaurant as “the Brooklyn Bridge turned into a restaurant. We wanted to play off of the design cues of the space and the history of the neighborhood being very industrial. There is a lot of steel in here and most of it has been locally sourced (like around the corner locally). The hard steel is balanced by warm walnut walls and charming exposed brick making the place feel like home. The trick in designing this space was to keep it relaxed enough for casual lunches but sexy enough for dinner dates. I think we achieved our goals.”

The menu at SoCo is Southern Fusion, a new cuisine yet to make its mark on the New York dining scene. The group describes southern fusion as a mixture of cajun/creole, barbecue and soul food dreamt up with everything else you can imagine. The goal of the menu, executed by Chef Kingsley John, is to stay true to the flavors of southern food, yet experiment and break all misconceptions about the genre.

The Cocktail program at SoCo, crafted by Mixologist Bryan Smith is equally impressive and taken just as seriously as the food. Our cocktail menu focuses on modern takes on classic cocktails. SoCo also boasts an extensive beer list featuring beers from different American micro-breweries.